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, the international peacekeeping agency. It’s a game from the creators of the iconic No One Lives Forever and is almost literally true to the original, providing an in-depth, non-linear adventure game set in 1960s New York City, where the player takes control of the Operative, a member of UNITY’s elite espionage unit. In order to get a feel for how it’s set up and plays, we played the game for nearly three hours, and talked to creative director John Alexander, lead designer Dean Hall, and voice actress Laura Bailey, as well as director of cinematics and animator Christian Dessart about the experience, the story, the environment, the characters, and how the game is a throwback to a time that, thankfully, is not yet another overly-loud franchise, and everything else you should know about No One Lives Forever. The following interview contains major spoilers for No One Lives Forever. One of the reasons I enjoy NOLF is that it seems so true to the original game. Obviously, because I am a fan of the original, it’s even better for me. Can you talk about how this is set up? I came to the project because we didn’t want to do a straight remake. There’s a bunch of reasons for that, but ultimately we wanted to make a game that was a return to the spirit of the original, but for a new generation. We really wanted to capture the spirit of that game, and build on that, and give it the new content, and the new play experience, and really bring it up to date for the age of video games. Do you feel like that is a good thing? Or were you worried about being faithful to the original game? We really approached it as though we were making a new game. That’s why we got a new lead designer on board, Dean Hall. He was with the original team, he’s been away for a few years, but we were pretty aggressive in putting him on the project and giving him a really broad range of freedom to make whatever game we wanted. We didn’t want to do a remake. We didn’t want to do a tribute, we wanted to go back to the game. And of course we had to worry about that, but really we just went about doing that as though we were making a new game. That�




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